Sunday, 21 August 2016

Lucy scarf.

Yesterday we came back from a week of visiting my family in the Netherlands. I brought back some gorgeous acrylic wool that I found in my mum's stash. I placed the wool on top of my crafting basket and every time I walked past it, my heart just skipped a beat of excitement. I had to make something and I had to make it now. The yarn is 100% acrylic, but just feels different than other acrylic yarns. It feels like it is made of angel hair and the colours, it's like angel hairs washed with a rainbow shampoo. I decided that it would be perfect for my 3 year old daughter.  I decided to make a rainbow angel hair scarf for Lucy. The Lucy scarf is probably easier.

I have written out the pattern for you and you can find it here.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Pretty headband

I often pick up an odd ball of yarn in a charity shop to come home and not know what to make with it because it's only one. Just like this gorgeous lama,wool and cotton tweed I got somewhere for 20p. I made this headband from this free pattern here.
So do you have an odd bal of gorgeous wool laying around and you don't know what to make with it?
This is a perfect project, either for yourself, or (and yes I know I am early with this) start preparing for Christmas presents!

Monday, 20 June 2016

First day of summer

I know it has been a while again. I just wanted to post a couple of pictures of some of the things I have been working on recently.
In the last post I showed a picture of a blanket I was working on for Lucy.
I have finished it in the meanwhile and this is the result. I am very pleased with it!

You can find the links to the free pattern for this blanket here (Dutch)

It was my birthday last month and my sweetheart Dave surprised me with this gorgeous yarn bowl that he made himself. Best gift ever or what!?

Another Work In Progress at the moment is Mandala Madness. Isn't it gorgeous? You can find the  link to week one of the free pattern here.
I also made this mermaid tail for my gorgeous Lucy.
The free pattern for this can be found here.
A bonus with this pattern is that there is a youtube video for it as well, which I know some people prefer.

With some beautiful Fenna yarn my mum sent me in the post I made this poncho. At the moment it might not be cold enough weather to wear it yet, but at least I will have something to look forward to when the weather gets cooler.
This pattern is a paid pattern en I didn't use the hood like in the pattern.
If your are interested in the pattern it can be purchased here.

I'll update with some more projects and links to the patterns soon. Have a lovely summer! 

Friday, 19 February 2016

I am back(ish)

The fact that my last blog post was about a Christmas bauble and we are in February now, shows how long it has been since I have written on here. I have decided to start writing again, it will just be a bit different now. Before I had set myself the goal to post a blog post every day including a free pattern. Eventually it started to feel a bit more like a thing I had to do instead of a fun thing. So now I am back without any goals and pressure for myself. Me and pressure is like Crochet and house work. it just doesn't go together at all. From now on I will just post a blog when I feel like it. I am also writing out patterns at the moment and I will be posting them on here once done and tested. I also want to make a tutorial on YouTube. Oh there I go again...I said no pressure..

I haven't sat still in the meanwhile..Well figuratively speaking that is. You can't really do a work out while you crochet. Unless you can call binge watching your favourite tv series while sipping tea and eating biscuits a workout. Here are some things I have been working on recently.

This is a blanket for my lovely daughter Lucy. I am making it with Stylecraft Special DK that I had for Dave's birthday. Yes that's right, we give everyone in our family a present when one of us has a birthday :)
The pattern I am using is from a Crochet ALong that is running at the moment. 
It's a Dutch group and the website of the designer is, but I believe there is an English pattern available as well, which can be found on the lossen en vasten group on Facebook.


Next up we have a little sneak peek of the pattern I am writing down at the moment. It will be the same as the stool cover from Ikea that I designed last year (second photo) I just never got round to write down the pattern for it. Once it's done I will publish it on this blog.

Another CAL I am working on is the Mix n Match CAL. You can find all the links here.
It is available in Dutch as well as in English! this is a photo of the blanket so far.

Last but not least. Last week it was the birthday of my other half and I made him this jumper. I made it with lovely soft Women's institute Aran. I am so pleased with how it has turned out. Dave really likes it and wears it with pride <3
The free pattern for this jumper can be found here.

That was all for now. See you soon! <3

Monday, 2 November 2015

Kick off to Christmas!

Now Halloween is over, we finally don't have to whisper the C-word anymore. We can shout it from the roof tops now! Christmas is coming! Let's kick off shamelessly with these Christmas ornament hats by the never disappointing  Repeat Crafter Me.
I am sure everyone in your family will be thrilled when they find out that you have made each and every one of them a hat like this and they are not to allowed to take it off until Christmas is over. It will be a great addition to the ugly Christmas jumper everyone HAS to wear because we think it's so cute and cosy. Speaking of which, I might have to look for a pattern for one of those! I'll make sure to share it with you when I manage to find one. For now, get started with these hats. No one would want to miss out on one of these!

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Autumn walk

This morning we went for a beautiful walk. It was still early when we arrived, the sun was shining and doesn't autumn look stunning when the sun is shining? I love the colours of the leaves, they are like an instant inspiration to make a new blanket to me, but I probably shouldn't start a new project just yet.

A smaller project that is good to use this colour inspiration for are these pine cones that are made with the crocodile stitch. Aren't they gorgeous? I think they would look great as a garland as well. The blog itself is actually not in English, but lucky for us, the designer has translated this pattern to English and you can find that here.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween!

I hope you are all enjoying Halloween today! We sure are. Earlier I already made some nice gingerbread men and women and decorated them together with Dave and Lucy and now Dave is making home made pumpkin seed bread and pumpkin soup. YUM!

Today's pattern is for this sugar skull garland by Red Heart,which is a perfect decoration for Halloween and Day of the Dead, but to be honest I would also keep this up as a decoration once the celebrations are over.

The sugar skulls or 'calavera' originate from Mexico and are created either for children or as offerings to be placed on altars on the day of the dead which will be tomorrow if I am correct.
You can find the pattern for this pretty decoration here or the direct download here.
Enjoy your day and see you BOOmorrow!