Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween!

I hope you are all enjoying Halloween today! We sure are. Earlier I already made some nice gingerbread men and women and decorated them together with Dave and Lucy and now Dave is making home made pumpkin seed bread and pumpkin soup. YUM!

Today's pattern is for this sugar skull garland by Red Heart,which is a perfect decoration for Halloween and Day of the Dead, but to be honest I would also keep this up as a decoration once the celebrations are over.

The sugar skulls or 'calavera' originate from Mexico and are created either for children or as offerings to be placed on altars on the day of the dead which will be tomorrow if I am correct.
You can find the pattern for this pretty decoration here or the direct download here.
Enjoy your day and see you BOOmorrow!

Friday, 30 October 2015

Woodland obsession

The last couple of weeks I have had a growing interest (read obsession) in everything woodland. Rabbits, deers, leaves, trees, foxes, you name it, I love it. Maybe it is because of the autumny weather or the fond memories I have of walking through the fields with my uncle and trying to spot as many wild animals as we could. Anyway this obsession means two things: it will probably make our bank account cry and our house needs to have a makeover into everything woodland. Yesterday I was already lucky enough to find a reduced shower curtain with all kinds of cute animals on it ( you know you are getting older when you are getting this excited about a new shower curtain!)

If the shower curtain wasn't enough, today my sweetheart Dave surprised me yet again with a new duvet set for our bed and it's perfect! See photo below. Do I need to say more? 

To save us some money, I have been looking around for crochet patterns in this theme and one of them was this adorable fox that I found here on the website of Red Heart. 

This will fit perfect in between all the other woodland items that I have yet to acquire and store in my hoarder's nest. We (and our wallet) can only hope my next obsession won't be until after the holidays! 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

A little birdie told me..

That this was such a super cute pattern that I had to make this the pattern of the day. No, I didn't really have anything to say about it today. The little birdie insisted. So here it is, but make it at your own risk. Before you know it you will also have a cheeky little birdie telling you what to do!

This free pattern is by Ruby and Custard and can be found here.

Sorry for my absence the past two days, I wasn't very well. But today I felt good enough to go on the computer again! See you tomorrow!

Monday, 26 October 2015

I wish you a vintage Christmas

Halloween is just around the corner now, and although Halloween is nice, we all know that it's just secretly being used as a holiday that once it's over, it gives us the all-clear to put up our beloved Christmas decorations. The moment we look forward to all year, right? Well, at least fun people do anyway! :)

As you may know I am a bit of a granny trapped in a 28 year old body. I love crocheting, everything vintage and when I watch a movie and make it past 10 PM without falling asleep, it's safe to say it's a miracle. Therefore it is that I could not contain my excitement when I saw these vintage crochet Christmas trees on Pinterest today.
Yes, that's right, they are actually just all granny squares added together. Why did I not think of that!
It's not really a pattern, but it does have handy instructions with photos and I am sure even a beginner could make these. I found it on a blog with the cute name SewRitzyTitzy. It's a blog that now has been discontinued, but thankfully it still has all the posts about, crochet, knitting and vintage. Perfect to nose around for inspiration and ideas!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sunflower Sunday

Something, quick, cute and useful today: A sunflower book mark. I don't think I'll be using one soon myself since I am too busy running after a toddler all day, but I am sure it will come in handy one  day. It would also make a lovely little gift for someone.
You can find the pattern here and there is even a video tutorial on YouTube where the designer takes you through the whole process of making it, which is fantastic if you are a beginner! You can find that video here. I hope you have a sunny Sunday!

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Tropical Delight

With the sunny days and sultry summer evenings already feeling like a distant memory, I thought we could use some tropical delight, as the pattern of today is called. It's a pattern for a gorgeous square that looks like a beautiful flower in bloom.
Crochet squares can be used for many different purposes like bags and cushion covers, but the main use for it must be a blanket I think. If you make loads of these squares and join them together, it will make the most beautiful blanket as you can see in the picture below. You can either choose to make every square in the same colour as in the photo, or choose to be adventurous and make every square in different colours to use up left over yarn you don't really have a use for.
I found the pattern on a blog called Mellie Blossom which has free crochet patterns and as a bonus it also has nice recipes on it. The original designer of this pattern is Susan Stevens of Eastlake, Ohio. The pattern for this square itself can be found here

Friday, 23 October 2015

Sparkly love

Today Dave took me to Hobbycraft so I could have a look around and squeeze all the squishy yarn they have in there (as you do) and also because it's next to Tesco and we needed to be there anyway. I saw a beautiful yarn that I liked, but I wasn't sure on buying it, so I walked out empty handed. Well, empty handed, I did carry out a stroppy toddler. I waited in the car while Dave popped into the shop and when he came back, he said that he was going to get me the yarn I liked because I deserve it.The trumpets started playing and a choir of singing angels descended. Is he a keeper or what?!
 This is the yarn he got for me and I am planning to make this gorgeous Elise shawl with it. That makes this automatically the free pattern of today.
Ofcourse I will show you the result once it is finished!

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Storage in style

While I was looking for a pattern for a crochet basket today, I came across a blog I didn't see before called crochet in color. It did not only have a pattern for the kind of basket I was looking for, but also other fun crochet projects like mitts, hats and scarfs. The pattern for today is this chunky basket, which could be very handy to keep your current WIP's in (and you should have a lot of WIP's by now if you are following my blog ;) )

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

On the edge

A nice edge on a crocheted blanket is always the cherry on the pie. It just finishes it off nicely and besides sometimes it can even help to mask a little mistake you made somewhere. Some blankets only need a very plain edge, but I am a fan of the more special stitches to make an edge. The stitch I am sharing today can be found here and is from MyPicot. Along with the pattern are useful photos in case you are not that familiar with crochet yet. You don't have to use it as an edge, you could also use it to make a whole blanket, but I think it would make a nice edge. Anyway, whatever you will use it for, it is a nice stitch that I haven't seen before and I always find it fun to learn something new. I am sure after seeing this, you'll also fancy to give it a go!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

It's a sunny day shawl

A couple of days ago I found a gorgeous colour yarn in Aldi and I decided to make something for myself with it. I wanted a nice bright scarf to brighten up the dreary days of autumn. I found a free pattern for this stunning shawl called 'It's a sunny day shawl' and I instantly knew that that was the one I wated to make. I also love the colours used in this one and might make another one using those same colours. Also take a look at the rest of the designer's website to find other great free and paid patterns!

 Below is the version I made myself. I did alter it a little bit, because I didn't want it to be as big and also I liked the edge more without the picots. I am really pleased with how it turned out!

Monday, 19 October 2015

An ode to special men

Let's just take a moment to appreciate all the wonderful men we have in our lives. Sure, sometimes he drives you mad when you trip over his shoes that are parked in the middle of the living room AGAIN (!), but let's be honest, where would we be without our sweet, caring and clumsy men. As an ode to  these special men, I thought we could all crochet this jumper for the most important man in our lives.

 Whether it's your partner, dad, son, friend, it doesn't matter.  Just show them we appreciate them.
Make sure you put love in every single stitch you make, so when the person you give it to wears it, he will feel wrapped in your love and appreciation. How special is that?

The free pattern for this jumper is from Red Heart and in case you missed the link above, it's here.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Win Win Win

There are a lot of accessories for sale at the moment that compliment your winter wardrobe. It's nice to have a matching scarf, hat or headband for every outfit, but unfortunately when buying it in the shop you don't have an exact choice of colour or material. That's why this is the moment you may do a little twirl and pat yourself on the shoulder because you decided to learn how to crochet! You can choose the perfect colour to go with your favourite outfit AND you can choose a lovely non scratchy soft squishy yarn AND you will probably even save money! Now that's a win win win situation.

Today's pattern is for a very pretty headband designed by another talented lady, this time from All about Ami. Check out her blog here. And you can find the pattern for this gorgeous headband here.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Oh Deer!

Every Friday morning I go to a lovely craft group where I meet my friends and we have tea and craft together. Sounds perfect right? It is! What made yesterday even better is that when my lovely other half picked me up, he said he had a surprise for me (lucky me!) and what a surprise that was! Have you EVER seen a cushion that cute? No, me neither. I am a true hoarder of things I don't have a use for and this fits in my collection perfectly!

I hear you thinking now, enough with making me jealous with that cushion, where is the free pattern for today?! You can go and get it here. It's a pattern for a super cute reindeer hat made by the lady behind Repeat Crafter Me. On the photo below you can see that the antlers are made of felt, but she has also made a pattern for crochet antlers. They might stand up better than the felt ones and you can find that pattern here.
Be a deer and show me a photo once you have finished one :)

Friday, 16 October 2015

Make crochet hearts, not war!

There are so many moody, complaining, angry people around, I wish they would turn their bad energy into something positive. This is to all those negative people who are probably not reading this blog, because they are too busy mashing their head on a keyboard and to all other lovely readers like yourself.
I am determined to make the world a better place and that's why today I am sharing this pattern for a simple crochet heart. You could crochet the heart, then attach a little ribbon with a personal written note on it and give it to the person(s) you love so much. You can also give it to someone you don't know with a positive message on the tag to bring a smile to their face. Hopefully they will also start doing nice little gestures to the people around them and slowly we can all make the world a little nicer :)

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Something fishy

Sometimes I wish we had a pet, but when I think of all the extra work and responsibility it brings with it, I soon change my mind again. Here is a way to have a pet without having to make sure you don't forget to feed it. It also makes a great decoration if you love kitsch things just like me. 
It's a simple and quick free pattern and you can find it here

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Foxy lady

Make sure you look like a foxy lady the next time you buy an (overpriced) coffee on the go with this adorable fox coffee sleeve. I found it on a lovely blog with free recipes, patterns and more. It's well worth a visit! This particular pattern you can find here. I think the fox applique could also be used for many other things.

This project doesn't use much wool, so it's a perfect stash buster for little bits of left over wool.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Earlier this month I already posted a link to a trick or treat basket for Halloween and today I am sharing another Halloween themed item. Today's pattern comes from Red Heart. It's an American yarn brand (I think)  and they have loads of great free patterns for every occasion on their website . Make sure to check it out so you can add more patterns to your ever growing to do list. 

You can find the pattern for these spooky coasters here (just click on the download button) and the great thing is that there is even a step by step video available that completely walks you through making them, which is great for beginners. You can find that video here

See Boo tomorrow!

Monday, 12 October 2015


Sometimes I fancy to sink my teeth in a really big project (even though a lot of those started projects are still unfinished and haven't seen the daylight in a very long time and are still laying cosy among all the other unfinished projects in the bottom of the drawer) and sometimes I just want to make something really quick to give me the satisfaction of finishing something to make up for all those other unfinished things. Pfff did I just write almost my entire blog post in one sentence there?

Today I am sharing these quick to hook up stars (or twinkles as Lucy calls them) that will leave you with that satisfactory feeling of finishing something.

Bonus is that they are perfect for Christmas decorations and it's only 74 sleeps until Christmas (Not that I am counting). You really don't have any time to lose. Grab your yarn and hooks and HoHoHo! I mean GoGoGo!

Find the pattern here.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Inside Out

Today we took our 2 year old daughter to the cinema for the first time. We went to see Inside Out. Unfortunately the adverts took more than half an hour, so by the time the movie started, Lucy already had to sit still for a long time (not a toddler's strong point). We did get to watch about half an hour of the movie until Lucy was scared of all the loud noises (FEAR) and wanted to leave (SADNESS by mummy and daddy). After a visit to the public toilet (DISGUST) in the cinema we stopped at Mc Donalds for something to eat to make the family morning complete. After all that we went home and Lucy had to go for her afternoon nap (ANGER).

To celebrate Lucy's first cinema visit I am sharing a link to the patterns of these amazing Inside Out amigurumi's. They are designed by my fellow Dutchie Sabrina Somers. Check out her website with fantastic patterns here and you can find the individual patterns here. I am sure these patterns will give you lots of (JOY).

Saturday, 10 October 2015


In the past couple of posts I have already mentioned that it's getting colder and a lot of crocheting is needed to keep ourselves and everyone around us warm. But what about eggs? No one seems to be worried about eggs being cold. They are just sitting there in their thin shell, shivering and waiting to be picked up and finally get thrown in the heat of the pan. Well then,  as a tribute to those eggs who give us delicious meals every day, I thought the least we can do is keep them warm while they are waiting to be turned into a dish. I found a free pattern for cute egg hats here.
Other than keeping the eggs warm, this would also look adorable on a breakfast table :)

Friday, 9 October 2015


The days are getting shorter, it's getting colder and that means more reasons to crochet! No one needs a hat or a scarf in British summer, although a crocheted umbrella wouldn't go amiss. That's why today I am sharing the pattern for this 'scarfie' 
I am sure you have heard of the website before where I found this lovely free pattern . It's a treasure chest of great patterns and slow cooker recipes made by a very talented lady. 
When I see this photo, I want to dive into my wool stash and start hooking a matching one for my daughter  Lucy and myself and not come back up to the surface until it's finished. 
Find the pattern here.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Flower Power!

Today I am sharing a link to a pattern of a crochet rose. They are not only easy to make (Trust me, it is easier than it looks),  you can also use them for so many things.

A couple of ideas are: use it to make a brooch, sew a couple of roses onto a bag or hat. You could also attach it to some gift wrap and make your gift even more special. Below are two more examples of what I have used them for in the past. 
A pretty rose wreath
And as a decoration for a tea cosy.
Before I forget, the pattern for it is here

I would love to see what you use your roses for! See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Happy Bunny

While flicking through crochet patterns today, I came across this bunny.
I made this about a year ago and then donated it to a charity for sick children, because they could use the smile of this cutie better than me. Now I have seen a photo of it again, I think I might need to make myself one again. I mean look at it! LOOK AT IT! So adorable. Find the pattern for free here on Ravelry.

 If you have never made an amigurumi, this might be a good project to start with to practise working in the rounds. Make sure you sit in a nice quiet room with a Do Not Disturb sign on the door, with a big pot of tea and a truck load of chocolate (these factors are crucial). The reason for this is that you have to count and you don't want to lose count, because that will lead to frustration, which will inevitably lead to eating more chocolate.

Happy Hooking!

Follow your dreams (after you catch them)

Yesterday I received some wooden embroidery hoops from my lovely mother-in-law because I told her I was looking for them to make a dream catcher. I remembered that had I seen a Dutch dream catcher CAL somewhere on the internet a while ago. I found the pattern for that here. I didn't have the same size hoop as used in the pattern, so I had to improvise a bit towards the end but I am pretty happy with how it turned out.
I do realise that not everyone in the world speaks Dutch, so I searched for a similar English pattern and found that here. You don't have to follow the whole pattern for it. Once you understand the basics, you can just make any mandala pattern and attach it to the inside of your ring.
Happy Hooking!

Monday, 5 October 2015

BOO! Prepare for Halloween

It's been a couple of days now since we said bye to September, which means we have now entered the month of Halloween! To make sure you'll be prepared in time and don't have to hook up any last minute items for your little ones, I am sharing a link to a Halloween Pumpkin Trick Or Treat Bag --> pheew try to repeat that 10 times in a row!

Find the free pattern here. That website is full of lovely crochet patterns. It has the Pinterest effect on me, if you know what I mean. 
Warning: make sure all your housework is done before clicking the link! ;)

Sunday, 4 October 2015

World Animal Day

Today it is World Animal Day and to celebrate there would be only one logical thing to do and that is posting a link to a crochet pattern of cat butt coasters!
Hope you like them as much  as I do and if you have pets, make sure to give them even more treats and cuddles than normal today and crochet yourself some nice coasters to match your cat's behind!
You can find the link to the free pattern here

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Post from Holland

Today was really exciting, because I received a parcel my mum sent from Holland. Together with Lucy I opened it and she gasped when she saw the Kinder surprise eggs, but I was possibly even more excited about 8 scrumptious balls of cotton that were inside the box along with all the other treats my mum stuffed into the package. I took a photo which you see below, the only problem is that it looks like I took the photo with a microwave.. I post it anyway. Possibly you can see through the blur and indentify 8 GORGEOUS balls of cotton goodness.

The cotton has a little bit of sparkle in it, which makes it very suitable to make something "Christmassy". I searched for a nice pattern for a table runner and came across this photo.
It's made by somebody called Leilani Pearce. I don't have any more info than that. With a bit more research I found out that it's made with a free crochet pattern from Red Heart (I think) which you can find here.

I am looking forward to start on this new project tonight! I'll show the result once it's done! :)

Friday, 2 October 2015

Christmas preparations

Yesterday I finished this big Christmas stocking. The idea is that it is going to be part of an advent calendar. I will make 24 mini stockings and then as pièce de résistance there will be this stocking at the end on Christmas day. I will post the link to the free pattern for the mini stockings in another blog post.
 You can find the link to the FREE crochet pattern for this one Here.
Don't leave it too long, it will be December before you know it!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

New project

Ohh I do love CAL's even if I know that they always take up all my time and I don't get to do anything else. I bumped into this beauty of a bag today. It is a CAL that has started today and you can find week 1 here. and on Ravelry
I can't wait to make this. It's so gorgeous. Week 1 consists of making the base of the bag. That means there is plenty of time to gather your materials and join in! 
Make sure to visit for this and more great tutorials!

Also you can follow me with Bloglovin' here

Free pattern for a lovely crochet cushion

I recently finished this cute little cushion. I found the free pattern for this on this website.
It is actually a part of and already finished CAL. If you click the link it will take you to the first part and you'll automatically see the link to part 2 then.

I bought the cushion for £3 in Hobbycraft. You can find it here and I used acrylic yarn for it. I think that is better, because it stretches more than cotton and you need to stretch it quite a bit to make it fit around the cushion.