Sunday, 11 October 2015

Inside Out

Today we took our 2 year old daughter to the cinema for the first time. We went to see Inside Out. Unfortunately the adverts took more than half an hour, so by the time the movie started, Lucy already had to sit still for a long time (not a toddler's strong point). We did get to watch about half an hour of the movie until Lucy was scared of all the loud noises (FEAR) and wanted to leave (SADNESS by mummy and daddy). After a visit to the public toilet (DISGUST) in the cinema we stopped at Mc Donalds for something to eat to make the family morning complete. After all that we went home and Lucy had to go for her afternoon nap (ANGER).

To celebrate Lucy's first cinema visit I am sharing a link to the patterns of these amazing Inside Out amigurumi's. They are designed by my fellow Dutchie Sabrina Somers. Check out her website with fantastic patterns here and you can find the individual patterns here. I am sure these patterns will give you lots of (JOY).

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