Monday, 12 October 2015


Sometimes I fancy to sink my teeth in a really big project (even though a lot of those started projects are still unfinished and haven't seen the daylight in a very long time and are still laying cosy among all the other unfinished projects in the bottom of the drawer) and sometimes I just want to make something really quick to give me the satisfaction of finishing something to make up for all those other unfinished things. Pfff did I just write almost my entire blog post in one sentence there?

Today I am sharing these quick to hook up stars (or twinkles as Lucy calls them) that will leave you with that satisfactory feeling of finishing something.

Bonus is that they are perfect for Christmas decorations and it's only 74 sleeps until Christmas (Not that I am counting). You really don't have any time to lose. Grab your yarn and hooks and HoHoHo! I mean GoGoGo!

Find the pattern here.

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