Friday, 19 February 2016

I am back(ish)

The fact that my last blog post was about a Christmas bauble and we are in February now, shows how long it has been since I have written on here. I have decided to start writing again, it will just be a bit different now. Before I had set myself the goal to post a blog post every day including a free pattern. Eventually it started to feel a bit more like a thing I had to do instead of a fun thing. So now I am back without any goals and pressure for myself. Me and pressure is like Crochet and house work. it just doesn't go together at all. From now on I will just post a blog when I feel like it. I am also writing out patterns at the moment and I will be posting them on here once done and tested. I also want to make a tutorial on YouTube. Oh there I go again...I said no pressure..

I haven't sat still in the meanwhile..Well figuratively speaking that is. You can't really do a work out while you crochet. Unless you can call binge watching your favourite tv series while sipping tea and eating biscuits a workout. Here are some things I have been working on recently.

This is a blanket for my lovely daughter Lucy. I am making it with Stylecraft Special DK that I had for Dave's birthday. Yes that's right, we give everyone in our family a present when one of us has a birthday :)
The pattern I am using is from a Crochet ALong that is running at the moment. 
It's a Dutch group and the website of the designer is, but I believe there is an English pattern available as well, which can be found on the lossen en vasten group on Facebook.


Next up we have a little sneak peek of the pattern I am writing down at the moment. It will be the same as the stool cover from Ikea that I designed last year (second photo) I just never got round to write down the pattern for it. Once it's done I will publish it on this blog.

Another CAL I am working on is the Mix n Match CAL. You can find all the links here.
It is available in Dutch as well as in English! this is a photo of the blanket so far.

Last but not least. Last week it was the birthday of my other half and I made him this jumper. I made it with lovely soft Women's institute Aran. I am so pleased with how it has turned out. Dave really likes it and wears it with pride <3
The free pattern for this jumper can be found here.

That was all for now. See you soon! <3